The strategic institute project FUNtox, “Fungi and mycotoxins in a one health perspective”, is aiming to establish well renowned research within the field of mycotoxins:

  • studying health effects of mycotoxins on animals and humans
  • studying the biological potential of fungi to produce mycotoxins. We focus our research in niche areas of competence, using the projects to build additional capacity through implementation of new technologies

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Our activities cover the most problematic Fusarium species in Norway and worldwide. We study the cytotoxic and mechanistic effects of various mycotoxins at the cellular level, as well as how the toxins are metabolized. We have established several cell systems and prepare liver microsomes form various animals. In combination with in vivo studies we work to elucidate the effect of mycotoxins such as DON on the gut and brain. Within the area of mycology we are studying the production and function of emerging mycotoxins (in Fusarium and Claviceps) in order to evaluate their importance to feed and food safety, and we are working to raise awareness about the development of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in Aspergillus.

The group consists of scientific staff members from the Toxinology Research group, the Sections of Chemistry, Pathology, Epidemiology, and Food Safety and Emerging Health Threats. The research portefolio includes internal funding as well as associated externally financed projects.