Belinda Valdecanas, M. Sc.

Section for Chemistry
Norwegian Veterinary Institute
Ullevålsveien 68
0454 Oslo/Norway

Tel.: +47 912 47 267


Research interests

Mycotoxins in food and feed. Mass spectrometry. Special interest in the development and validation of analytical methods.


Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines. Master’s degree in analytical chemistry from the University of Oslo, Norway. Professional experience from participation in several projects incorporating development and validation of analytical methods for determination of natural toxins in food and feed at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute from 1999 up to the present.


  1. Handeland, K., Vikøren, T., Josefsen, T., Valdecanas, B., Uhlig, S. Yew (Taxus) intoxication in free-ranging cervids. PlosOne 2017, 12 (12), 1–10.


  1. Bernhoft A, Høgåsen HR, Moldal T, Valdecanas B, Ivanova L, Uhligh S. Health effects and toxicokinetics of deoxynivelenol and ochratoxin A in dietary exposed Atlantic salmon. International symposium in fish nutrition and feeding. Cairns, Australia, 2014.