Ingunn Anita Samdal

Biochemist, Senior researcher, PhD

Toxinology Research Group

Norwegian Veterinary Institute
Elizabeth Stephansens vei 1
1433 Ås



Research interests

Secondary metabolites of marine and freshwater algae – their isolation, purification and detection. Special interest in development of antibodies to recognise the metabolites and using the antibodies to developing immunological methods for detecting metabolites in food such as shellfish for the marine algal metabolites and in water for the freshwater algal metabolites. Especially interested in microcystins, okadaic acid, pinnatoxins, ciguatoxins and azaspiracids.


Studies in biochemistry, chemistry and biology at the University of Oslo/Norway. Professional experience from The Biotechnology Centre of Oslo/Norway 1996-1998 and the Norwegian Veterinary Institute in Oslo 1998-2000. Doctoral degree from the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science Oslo/Norway in April 2005. Scientist at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute since then. Member of the Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food and Environment (VKM) (2018-).

Ongoing projects


ShellFeed – Risk assessment of algal toxins in new marine feed sources for salmon

GreenBait – Progress toward environmentally safer rodenticides

ToxANoWa – Toxic microalgae in Norwegian waters. Uncovering fish-killing mechanisms of phytoplankton from Scandinavian waters (2021-2025).

MucoProtect – Novel bio-mimicking nanocarriers for oral delivery of mucosal vaccines – protection at the first

PreparePIG – Prepare the Norwegian pig population for control of emerging and re-emerging diseases (2022-2025).


Recent projects

Bio-DIRECT – Biomarkers and Bioassays for Animal and Fish Research and Diagnostics (SIS 2019-2022).

PIRE: Advancing global strategies and understanding on the origin of ciguatera fish poisoning in tropical oceans (NSF #1743802/NFR MarinForsk 2018-2022).

MARBioFEED: Enhanced biorefining methods for the production of marine biotoxins and microalgae fish feed (ERA-NET Marine Biotech – 2016-2019)

Target: Targeted strategies for safeguarding the noble crayfish against alien and emerging threats (NFR/243907 – 2015-2019).

FunTox – Fungi and mycotoxins in a «One Health» perspective

ECsafeSEAFOOD: Priority environmetal contaminants in seafood: safety assessment, impact and public perception (EU grant no: 311820) (2013-2017).

CyanoTOX: Development and validation of diagnostic tools for cyanotoxins in Southern Africa (NRC project nr. 196085) (2010-2014).

BIOTOX: Sixth framework EU program “Specific Targeted Research Project” entitled “Cost-effective tools for risk management and traceability systems for lipophilic marine biotoxins in seafood” (EU 2005-2008).

Havbruk: “Marine algal toxins, ecology, analysis and toxicology” – NFR 139593/140 (2000-2004).



  • Samdal IA.  Yessotoxins in algae and mussels – Studies on its sources, disposition, and levels. Thesis for the degree of Doctor Scientiarum in biochemistry and toxinology at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, Oslo, Norway, 2005.
  • Samdal IA.  Karakterisering av en amyloid immunoglobin lett kjede fra en pasient med myelomatose assosiert med AL amyloidose. Thesis for the degree of Cand.Scientiarum in biochemistry at the Department of Biochemistry/Biotechnology Centre of Oslo, University of Oslo, Norway, 1998.