Lada Ivanova, Dr. philos.

Toxinology Research Group
Norwegian Veterinary Institute
Elizabeth Stephansens vei 1
1433 Ås

Tel.: +47 915 18 427


Research interests

Isolation, purification and identification of secondary metabolites from fungi and plants. Mechanistic studies of natural toxins in bioassays.


Master’s degree in analytical chemistry from the University of Kiev, Ukraine. Master’s degree in food safety and Dr. philos. in chemistry and toxicokinetics from the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science Oslo/Norway. Professional experience from numerous projects and studies in the field of mycotoxin analysis. Identification, isolation and structural characterisation of unknown bioactive compounds (LC/MS, preparative HPLC, MSn fragmentation and high-resolution mass spectrometry) and implementation of in vitro methods for evaluating toxicity, absorption and biotransformation of toxic substances are main subjects of expertise. Member of the working group for biotoxins (WG5) under The Technical Committee 275, “Food analysis-Horizontal methods”, within the CEN system (2005-2010). Scientist at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute since 2006.

Ongoing projects

PromoFish – Establishment of salmon skin mucus multi-omics analyses

CRC-3p – Processed foods and colorectal cancer: Effect of protein source, processing and dietary patterns

PARC – European partnership for the assessment of risks from chemicals

ShellFeed – Risk assessment of algal toxins in new marine feed sources for salmon

GreenBait – Progress toward environmentally safer rodenticides

GyroOmics – Multi-Omics analysis for the differentiation of salmon fluke (Gyrodactylus salaris) susceptibility in Atlantic and Baltic salmon (Salmo salar)

CARDIO POX – Assessment of biomarkers in viral cardiorespiratory diseases in Atlantic salmon

ToxANoWa – Toxic microalgae in Norwegian waters. Uncovering fish-killing mechanisms of phytoplankton from Scandinavian waters

Recent projects

MetAct – Biomarkers of exposure to azoxymethane in intestine and liver of A/J APCMin/+ mice

MycoSafeBread – Innovative cereal processing methods to produce mycotoxin-safe bread

Bio-DIRECT – Biomarkers and Bioassays for Animal and Fish Research and Diagnostics (SIS 2019-2023).

CiguaPIRE Advancing global strategies and understanding on the origin of ciguatera fish poisoning in tropical oceans (2018-2023)

iSABreed – ISA resistance in Atlantic salmon: Defining new phenotypes for accurate breeding (2017-2020)


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