Bjørn Christian Schirmer

Toxinology Research Group
Norwegian Veterinary Institute
Elizabeth Stephansens vei 1
1433 Ås

Tel.: +47/475 12 184

Research interests

I am mainly working on the impact of fungi on the food industry. I am currently working on reducing the risk of fungal growth in food processing environments and on food products, trying to find sources of contamination and adjusting process parameters in order to minimize the risk of mould growth on foods. My main focus is on Penicillium and Aspergillus species.


I have a MSc degree in chemistry / biotechnology from NTNU, Trondheim (2005), and a PhD in food microbiology from NMBU / Nofima (2009). I have since worked as a post doc. on several industry related projects to reduce the risk of microbial growth and survival in processing facilities (Listeria monocytogenes) and since 2015 I have been working with fungal growth at the Veterinary Institute.

Ongoing projects

Muggfritt pinnekjøtt – Efficient production of mould-free dry cured lamb ribs (pinnekjøtt) and other dry cured meat products (FFL and JA Grant no. 244627).