Christin Plassen, B. Sc.

Section for Chemistry
Norwegian Veterinary Institute
Elizabeth Stephansens vei 1
1433 Ås


Tel.: +47 48 29 21 05
Mob: +47 934 03 394


Research interests

Method development concerning immunoassays for quantitative detection. Special interest in allergens and mycotoxins.


Method development concerning immunoassays for quantitative detection. Special interest in allergens and mycotoxins.
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Østfold University College. Business economist from Trondheim Business School (TBS). Method development, validation, quality assurance and accreditation for methods such as different technigues of atomic absorption spectroscopy, HPLC and immunological methods for detection of food allergens. Some knowledge to molecular technics.

Ongoing Projects

Radioactivity (Cs-137) in food and feed (directed by Norwegian Food Safety Authority and Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority)

Mycotoxins in food and feed (Norwegian Food Safety Authority)

Analysis of rotenonGyrodatylus extermination

Recent projects

SAFEFISH – Implications of green Fish feed for consumer safety – carry-over of plant peptides, natural toxins and bioactive componds (NFR Havbruk2 – 2016-2020)

ALLERVACC – Novel type vaccine against food allergy (NFR 226127) 2013-2016

Anisakis simplex – Development of tools for product control and human risk evaluation in fishery value chains (Anisakis simplex).

Food Allergen Methods – Development of a coordinated research program for food allergens – identification, modification and in vivo responses


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