Fedor Kryuchkov, PhD

Section for Chemistry
Norwegian Veterinary Institute
Elizabeth Stephansens vei 1
1433 Ås

Tel.: +47 90276876
E-mail: fedor.kryuchkov@vetinst.no


Research interests

My research interests lie in the fields of biochemistry and bioanalysis. In my work I use different MS instrumentation to study small molecules (toxins, xenobiotics, lipids and other metabolites) in living organisms and fluids. Currently, I am involved in the PIRE project and where I am studying biosynthesis and biotransformation of ciguatera toxin family.


I have a degree in synthetic chemistry from SPbGU in Russia (2003) and I got my PhD in mass-spectrometry based proteomics in 2013 at SDU in Denmark. In 2008-2009, I worked as a researcher in NILU in Tromsø, and from 20014-2018 I had positions as a post doc and as a senior engineer at the University of Bergen. In 2018, I started working at NVI in the PIRE-project.

Ongoing projects

CiguaPIRE: Advancing global strategies and understanding on the origin of ciguatera fish poisoning in tropical oceans (2018-2022)


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