Morten Sandvik, Dr. scient.

Section for Chemistry
Norwegian Veterinary Institute
Elizabeth Stephansens vei 1
1433 Ås

Tel.: +47 477 53 310


Research interests

Main areas of interest are toxicology, biochemistry and analytical chemistry; method development and analysis of biotoxins, in vitro methods for metabolism of xenobiotics and methodologies used to separate and isolate products from drug metabolism and biotoxins.


Studies in chemistry, toxicology and biochemistry at the University of Oslo. Master’s degree in toxicology. Doctoral studies in toxicology at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science: ”Biomarkers in fish: Their application in laboratory and field studies”. Leader of the algal toxin research group at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute since 2004. Research scientist at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute since 1993.

Ongoing projects

PIRE: Advancing global strategies and understanding on the origin of ciguatera fish poisoning in tropical oceans (2018-2022)

Recent projects


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